Counselling Depression Therapy can help alleviate and even free a person from the grips of depression.

Depression in Singapore

Depression rates in Singapore are around 5% and it affects both the young and the elderly.

Depression is hard to detect, because for most people, it is something that creeps up on them. So it's normal to hear depression you ask, "Do I have depression?" Because it is possible to have depression and not know it. If you want to find out, ask a friend to check from the list below if you have it.

By simple definition, depression is a mental illness. But it is a dangerous mental disorder that can lead to suicide. So be careful, because depression can kill you. The suicide rates in teenagers and adults spiked sharply during the Covid 19 period.

Depression is a mental condition so it cannot be detected by a brain scan, and you don't need to have brain damage to suffer from it. 10% of the population at one time in their life suffered from depression.

There are many different types of depression. We often hear terms like bipolar, dysthymia, postnatal, postpartum, manic depression and there is even the term high functioning depression. But they all one thing in common, all are bad for your health.

Depression come and go in episodes but when it hits, you don't have the energy or ability to do even the most basic things, let alone have any motivation for exercise or even socialise. A depression attack can really suck all the energy from you. Some people describe as a black dog that never leaves your side.

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Major Signs of Depression

You might want to test if you have depression by checking if you have any of the symptoms for depression. Reading this, you may find it that you some or all the criteria, like:

  • Depressed mood and wanting to be alone, away from people
  • Feeling tired/ no energy / lethargic
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Feeling lonely, sad, helpless, hopeless
  • Felling worried and anxious / ruminating thoughts
  • Thinking suicidal thoughts
  • Sexual problems
  • Easily angry, agitated or irritable

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Coping with Depression

In our search to stop depression, coping through distraction is the first line of defence. Smoking, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, gaming, emotional eating, going on holiday are typically ways to distract ourselves from feeling down. But once your depression moves to the next level, once you reach chronic depression, you begin to realise that coping with depression doesn't work.

Depression counselling and therapy from the right counsellor can stop depression for many people. You should look for a trusted counsellor in Singapore.

Dierdre ~ “You don’t need to drink alcohol to feel better”

What Causes Depression

The causes for depression vary from person to person.

  1. It could be stress from work and life in general
  2. It could be sadness or grief from the death of a loved one.
  3. It could be from a trauma like PTSD
  4. It could be the anger from a divorce
  5. It could be the fear or anger from an event in childhood
  6. It could be unknown

But regardless what caused the depression, we know that the common trigger for depression is overwhelming stress and worry causing a depressed mood.

Mae ~ “My Son Overcame Trauma and Depression”

Is Depression Genetic ?

 Could depression be genetic? Did I inherit this from my parents or does it happen for no reason? The answer is no. From our experience, clients whose parents have anxiety and depression succeeded in stopping depression and lifting their mood to healthy levels.

Depression can be crippling, especially when you have major depression, so going to see a counsellor specialising in depression rather than a doctor might give you the answer. Studies show that depression is commonly linked to sadness or grief, but it also be caused by anxiety, stress and poor sleep.

It may not surprise you that many Singapore students quietly suffer in silence afraid of the social stigma. Who knew that depression can be sparked by a change in hormones and the mood swings during adolescence can happen to teenagers. Friends might joke about depression but it is a leading cause of death for teenagers.

And who knew pregnancy can cause depression? Postnatal depression affects some women and can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. The mother may not care about her and the baby's wellbeing. Doing pregnancy she might have have no appetite and not eat enough food. This can retard the growth of the child mentally and physically.

You don't need to feel lonely, because you are not alone. Depression is a mental illness that can be treated and with the Right therapy, and you can overcome it.

Getting Medicated

If you have been to a polyclinic or the IMH (Institute of Mental Health) and have seen the psychiatrist and you are on medication, it's best that you follow their instructions. Even though you are seeking alternative treatment.

Going to the depression clinic to get prescription drugs is not something many look forward to, because for many, there are side effects to depression medicine. A recent UK government study found anti-depressants are strongly linked to high rates of teenage suicides worry parents.

When seeking any depression therapy, it is important to ask the question? Does this therapy stop my depression and does is reduce the chance of it from coming back?

When considering therapy, you should consider the relapse rate of depression. Because what's the point of a remedy for depression when the recovery is not long term? The Right type of depression therapy not only lifts the depression but teaches you the skills to be resilient to future depression.

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How to Help Someone With Depression

What to do when someone you know has depression? The best helpline is to spot the early signs of depression.

50 years ago, many Singaporeans didn?t know there was a treatment for depression and there were no help hotlines.

But today, with the right depression and counselling therapy, people suffering from depression can overcome them and able to work and lead normal lives.

Early Signs of Depression

The person is withdrawn, more anti-social and introverted. Not taking care of their health and appearance. Not eating well. Sleeping a lot but always looking tired and stressed. Always overthinking. Instead of sending them to a support group, you can take them to seek help with a professional.

Depression Counselling and Therapy can help them lift their depression. But left untreated, a person become unable to work and lose their job because of high sick leave and MC rates and become unemployed.

There are many uplifting quotes for depression that you can send to your friend, but the real hope lies in taking action and help them with therapy.

Ethan ~ “I tried this drug free solution to depression and anxiety”

Can Drugs Cure Depression

Unfortunately there is no drug that cures depression. Most drugs aim to reduce the negative feelings of depression.

For some people with sever depression, they have no choice but to take medication. But sometimes, the meds for depression loses its effectiveness. For example you might be taking anti depressant medication for a year and after a while the anti-depressant is not working. When this happens, you should seek the advice from a qualified doctor, even though you dislike feeling like a zombie while on medication.

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    Vitamins and Alcohol

    There are healthy and unhealthy ways to feel better. Instead of using alcohol to dull that feeling, you should try a therapy that resolves the cause of the depression. If the root cause of the depression is gone, so can the depression. The best vitamin and the best supplements won?t solve your depression. And even the best medication and anti-depressants only puts you back in control for a while to allow you to enrol for the right help.

    Anxiety and Depression

    There are many studies that show a strong relationship between anxiety and depression. Long term anxiety can cause you to spiral into depression.

    Battling depression can ultimately lead to beating depression. Friends and family, take note, Depression is a desperate call for help and if left untreated can become a mental illness and lead to suicide. Help them by getting them on the Right treatment.

    Depression Counselling and Therapy

    Counselling Depression and Therapy can help alleviate and even free a person from the grips of depression. At Stress.SG, we specialise in helping depression suffers understand the core or root of their depression and free themselves from depression.

    There a various forms of counselling for depression

    1. Systemic therapy: where friends and family member work together to help the individual.
    2. Psychodynamic therapy: talk therapy where the psychologist works to find the cause of the issue
    3. Cognitive behavioural therapy: talk therapy providing answers to daily challenges and learning new ways to respond to situations.
    4. Hypnotherapy: the root cause for the depression is identified in the mind and resolved by the client together with the therapist

    Grace ~ A broken relationship made me angry and sad

    How To Help Someone With Depression

    The best way You can do to help someone with depression is to reach out and identify the counsellor you want to engage.

    If you want to help someone with depression, help convince them to accept depression counselling and therapy. Your action can save their life.

    Things you can do:

    1. Listen and ask how they feel
    2. Tell then you will support them
    3. Help them find the right counsellor
    4. Reach out to the counsellor and learn more
    5. Ask your loved one to visit the counsellor's Facebook page or website to learn more
    6. Encourage them to seek professional help
    7. Be patient and keep trying

    If they are reluctant in the beginning, remember that there will come a point when the person will be ready and decide to reach out for help. The best you can do to help someone with depression is to already know which counsellor you want to engage for help once they are ready to accept help.

    Some people are more likely to suffer from depression, especially if a someone in the family also suffers from depression. However, depression may not be hereditary. It can be triggered by a significant life event, some as early as childhood.

    Realising you have depression is our body's natural response mechanism to alert us that we need help. People suffering from depression usually need Depression Counselling and Therapy because whatever they are currently trying to handle their depression isn't working. And this hopeless feeling can lead to suicidal thoughts.



    Depression Counselling and Therapy Help Reduce Depression

    Depression Counselling and Therapy can help many Singaporeans cope, feel happy again, even free themselves from depression. Feeling depression is a common psychological condition and 6% OF Singaporeans (young and old) experience depression at least once in their lifetime.

    For most people, depression just happens once and then goes away. Whilst for others, depression is a recurring and debilitating mental condition that negatively affects the way someone thinks, behaves and live. Anyone who experienced depression or knows someone who suffers from depression understand that depression, if left untreated, can destroy a persons's life.

    You an overcome depression with the Right choice of counselling and therapy.

    The Right Choice

    The good news is, for many people, depression when treated early, can be reduced and even overcome allowing the person lead a normal and healthy life. Because Depression Counselling and Therapy can help you understand and change your reaction to the stress triggers of your depression, it can be reduce and even free you from depression. With any condition, it is best to address is immediately.

    If you would like to learn more about how Counselling Depression and Therapy can help you or someone you know, please send a What?s App message or SMS 9863-9408 to Chris or click here to book a free consultation. At our free consultation, we will listen to your challenges and share how Depression Counselling and Therapy can help you overcome your depression challenges.


    Our Client's Success

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    Lawrence Ng

    Investment Consultant
    Health Anxiety / Poor Sleep
    Thanks Chris for helping me overcome my anxiety issues. To me where my health is concern, as long as it works it’s worth it. Being a health anxiety person I’ve tried many treatments, saw many doctors to do all kinds of checkup to “proof” to myself that I was ok. After i knew that it was anxiety bothering me, i went a psychologist and I felt that there was no constructive help given. I was told that I’m actually very well and should recover in quickly. I went back and had more attacks sadly.

    After my 5th session with Chris, I am now able to handle my attacks, recognise my triggers and manage the anxiety, sleep better most importantly! But of course I started from the same decision that many of you may be contemplating now which is whether to embark on this programme.

    I was hopeful when I came across the advert online, but due to my anxiety and some other experiences, I became a little apprehensive and perhaps skeptical for my first 2 sessions. But I was so eager to recover so I thought that I should give it a go. I mean I didn’t know what else to do anyway but since so many people had good reviews here, I worked together with Chris on a journey to help nurse myself out of my health anxiety.

    After the 2nd session, I managed to have some time in the day without much anxiety attacks but gave feedback to him so he can monitor my progress. Thru each session, Chris helped address each and every one of my symptoms/issues and helped bring resolve into my issues and learn to manage the triggers.

    The entire therapy also helped me to uncover why I felt certain way and enabled me to know which area to “rewire”. Chris also pointed out to me the wrong mindset/ approach that I had in handling situations. So the therapy not only helped me resolve my anxiety but also equipped me for other challenges that I may face in the future.

    One key benefit is that his counselling has helped improve my communication with my family. Thus I would now encourage other warriors who are facing similar issues as myself to also give yourself a chance to get better through the help of Chris.

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    Seow Zhe Heng


    Anxiety / Difficulty Sleeping / Confidence

    Source: 5-Star Google Review

    I find the sessions very useful. I used to have anxiety in the past and after I went for the sessions, the anxiety was gone. Not only that, I was able to gain more confidence and live a happier life without fearing that the anxiety will bother me again.

    The sessions was also easy and relaxing. I felt very relaxed after every session and I was able to sleep better at night. After every session, I felt less anxious and more confident.

    I was skeptical at first. When I was told that my anxiety can be cured within a few sessions, I don’t believe it at first. But in the end, not only my anxiety was gone, I managed to overcome my fears in the past and regain my confidence to try new things in life.

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    Postpartum Depression / Nausea & Vomiting

    Source: 5 -Star Google Review

    I am a mother and housewife with toddler daughter. My anxiety starts when my daughter turns 2 years old. Since then I have unexplained morning nausea and feel irritated all times and could not stop to blame myself if something is not happen according to my will. Even my partner feel there is a change in my behaviour and mood. At first I thought it’s just hormonal / post partum but worried that it might affect my duty as a mom and for long term mental health, I decide to overcome my fear seek professional help.

    Chris is very helpful and from the beginning he explain that i have anxiety and depression. The session with him has been an eye opener for me, since he trace back to the root of all the unhappiness and the anxiety and where does it came from.

    The session itself is very relaxing and by the end of 2nd session, there are no more nausea and vomiting. Overall I feel much more relax and know how to manage my problem and stress better. It’s totally worth the money and time and believe me you are doing the right decision to engage Chris. And to all mother out there, you are not alone.

    Google Review Icon

    Vincent Chang

    Business Owner

    Anxiety & Depression

    Source: 5 -Star Google Review

    It was an amazing and pleasant journey for it. I wish I had known Chris earlier. He has helped me to uncover the issues that were troubling me – somethings which I thought didn’t matter anymore. I knew there were underlying issues which were not resolved despite multiple sessions with a psychologist who had helped but it was only addressing the symptoms of my problems. Chris has gone on to help uncover the underlying issues and guide me to resolve all of them.

    It is true that 5 sessions will be enough to overcome my issues with depression and anxiety as I was so pleasantly surprised that I felt good just after the 2nd session and better after the 3rd. It is indeed possible to achieve results within 5 sessions with Chris. The amount paid for the 5 sessions are well worth it. Considering the fees paid to the psychiatrist and psychologist, the sessions with Chris are much cheaper.

    Each session was easy as Chris had provided a safe and secure environment for me to share and uncover the issues inside me. The sessions just got easier and better for me. I believe young or old will be able to benefit from these sessions too.

    When things are not right, the underlying problems/issues should be resolved to find peace and happiness and I am glad Chris has helped me to do that.

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    Jackson Lim


    Chest Tightness / Insomnia / Migraine / No Motivation

    Source: 5 -Star Google Review

    I had chronic depression (e.g. chest tightness, migraines, insomnia, tossing in bed many times in the night, lack of motivation, don’t feel like going to work or doing any activities, isolating myself from friends and family, feeling overwhelmed etc) for many years. It was the recent episode that I decided to do something about it. However, I do not like to attend those sessions where it feels like a doctor – patient relationship. I searched the internet and Stress.SG pop up on top of the list. I took a look and noted that there are many good reviews. I decided to try it.

    Chris was very professional and he does not make you feel like you are a sick patient. He’s easy to talk to and makes me feel very comfortable. His method of asking me to talk to my subconscious mind is very useful and effective. Personally by the 3rd session, I am feeling much better and by the fourth session, I believed I have mastered the skill. By the 3rd session, I was already sleeping better (deep sleep and no more tossing in bed), no more migraines and chest tightness, start to get active again and meeting friends, and feeling confident to overcome any challenges.

    I have read other books on how to handle depression but those methods would require tremendous amount of work and effort before you are on your road to recovery. I believed a depressed person would not be able to practice the method for long. However, with Chris’s help, I believed I will be able to use his method, which is simple and effective, for a long time and it will help me to overcome any further episodes in future. I think the cost of the sessions (standard 5 sessions) is worth the money as you will learn the methods and do not need to spend the money on other therapies again.

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    Upeka Fernando

    IT Project Manager

    Anxious Overthinking /? Negative Thoughts / Poor Sleep

    Source: 5-Star Google Review

    I took a leap of faith when I first came to meet Chris without knowing what to expect. I have been having difficulty in sleeping for the longest time I’ve remembered and falling in to a spiral of anxious feelings and low moral with many other negative thoughts. Have been trying a lot of things but nothing worked. I was googling about my issues online one day and saw Stress.SG as one of the highest ranked consultation places and came in to take the free consultation session. I must confess that this has been my greatest investment to date as just within 3 sessions I was feeling much much much better :-). Thank you Chris, it has been a pleasure working together to finding a way to salvation.

    We discussed many issues in a single session unlike all the other places I went to and just by end of the first session I was already feeling great. Within just a week and 2 sessions later, it was as I never had issues to begin with. Words cannot express how grateful I feel right now and hope my testimony will help you to find Chris as how I did.

    Chris has been very professional, friendly, easy going and knowledgeable and gave me many advised to improve my self apart from the counselling sessions which really helped me with my everyday life.

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    Depression / Sleep Problems

    Source: 5-Star Google Review

    Went through Depression therapy.

    Through each session was able to progressively get better and was able to help with both my sleep and outlook on life. Previously had challenges to sleep for more the 6 hours but after the therapy able to get more consistent sleep whenever i want to and surprised that was able to achieve this results through only 5 sessions

    Location is easily accessible and able to feel safe and secure throughout the sessions

    Google Review Icon

    Hazel Hazilah

    Client Services Manager

    Sadness / Depression / Anxiety / Loneliness

    Source: 5-Star Google Review

    Amazing Service.

    I love how things have change for the better at my end. I was suffering with Anxiety and depression after my Mum passes away. I had a hard time accepting my surroundings, i felt lost and lonely i don’t know what else will help me.

    Chris listens and help me to recognised my issues/feelings. Its totally a different approach. i have seen a psychotherapist but it didn’t make me feel better. I guess not everyone can fit into such therapy. But with Few session with Chris, i managed to recognised the problems that have been bothering me.

    By the 3rd sessions i felt so much better, i willing to let go of the feelings that boring me. i feel lighter and fresh after each session. He help me understand my feelings & expectations, also advice me in away that i would agree and willing to change for a better me.

    By the 5th session, everything seems calmer. My anxiety is manageable and i’m thankful for that. Looking forward to have more travelling plans ahead. Dear Chris,

    Thanks for all the sessions you had with me. I would have never be clearer if i have not met you and express my concerns. Thank you for guiding me and helping me to find the light. The light for me to move on with life. To believe in myself and close all unwanted feelings i had thats been bothering me.

    Google Review Icon

    Ethan Lim

    Events Manager

    Depression / Feeling Lost

    Source: 5-Star Google Review

    I was very impressed by the effectiveness and the comprehensive structure of the Depression Therapy and Counselling. Compared to traditional psychotherapy, I found Chris? hybrid therapy for depression much more effective.

    Before I engaged Chris to be my therapist, I was seeing a psychologist for counselling but I didn?t find that psychologist useful and didn?t feel any improvement in my depression. I was feeling a bit lost until I was recommended by a relative about Chris. I heard good reviews, so I gave it a try. As I started the Depression therapy with Chris I noticed it was totally different from traditional counselling and psychotherapy.

    Very quickly, under Chris? therapy, my depression lifted. Within just 3 sessions to be exact, my depression lifted and I was feeling lighter and optimistic about the future. As a therapist, Chris is very easy to talk to and I felt really comfortable sharing with him. What I liked about him is that he is very attentive to how I was feeling and I felt that I could share anything. And what is incredible is his ability to juggle all the challenges I threw at him and still deliver results in such a short time.

    From start to finish, I think my depression lifted within just 2 weeks. When I was with my previous therapist, we kept talking about the same things again and again every session and without any progress and I felt was paying someone to lecture me. But with Chris, he engages in way that is deep and meaningful and there is a clear progression in every session. And even though we covered a lot of things, it all felt very smooth, almost effortless.

    I liked the fact that Chris is upfront about what he can and cannot do and set clear and measurable results. My depression lifted by the 3rd session and by the 5th session, I felt totally free. I thought being free of depression in just 5 sessions was a bit unbelievable at first, but after the first session and every session after that, I was feeling better and better. And this constant progress gave me a lot of confidence and hope. In terms of price, all I can say is that it was worth it. I definitely recommend anyone with depression work with Chris. I hope you get the same amazing results I did.

    Reach Out With A Message or Call Chris at 98639408