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We can help you take back control over your life. Anxiety and depression robs energy from you, makes you lash out in anger and 'jams' your brain when you need to concentrate, study and work. At Stress.SG we help teenagers, working professionals and even pregnant mothers overcome their emotional challenges reducing worry and stress and sleep better through our counselling and therapy. Most of our clients report a significant improvement in their anxiety, depression and stress levels and sleep better from their first session.

“You Can Now Feel Safe & Secure. Counselling and Therapy Can Help.”

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    Meet Our Anxiety and Depression Counsellor / Stress and Sleep Coach

    Chris is Counsellor specialising in anxiety, depression, stress and sleep. His years of experience in successfully in helping hundreds of people gives you the confidence to engage his services. Chris is unique because of his highly personalised classical approach in helping clients overcome their emotional challenges. He believes that anxiety and depression can be overcome with the right therapy and counsellor. Clients choose to work with Chris because his counselling style is very comforting so you can feel safe and secure.

    Who We Are

    We help people feel safe and secure by helping them handle and overcome challenges in stress, sleep, anxiety and depression.

    We live in a high stress society. Especially with Covid-19, we want to feel relaxed, calm, and be healthy mentally and physically. But sometimes, things are not okay. Sometimes, things are out of control and we feel helpless and hopeless. We can help. At Stress.SG, we specialise in anxiety and depression counselling and therapy and help our clients manage stress and sleep better. We have high success rates, reflected by positive reviews on Facebook and Google. Our clients range from PSLE students, working professionals and even retirees. We have touched and improved the lives of many Singaporeans and Singapore Expats since we opened our doors at our new office at Marina One East Tower and we hope that you will be keen to meet us and share your challenges. We can help.

    What We Do

    We help teenagers and working professionals reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression through a 5 session counselling and therapy program. Our counselling programs are tailored to the the individual producing good success rates reflected by the high reviews on Facebook. Our philosophy is to help our clients feel better through compassion, respect and highly personalised solutions. We have two distinct programs, one of adults and one for teenagers.

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